Diary of a Swedish massive man

#31, Published September 23rd, 2013

Last autumn we had the pleasure of watching a game vs AFC Hornchurch on our first visit that season. I wrote a few lines about it on this site, under the title “Itīs such a perfect day”. Louie Theophanous scored a hat trick and The Swans won 3-1.

Last Saturday we were in Staines for our first visit this season. And what happens? Of course Louie scores another hat trick and the home team takes a 3-2 win over Farnborough. To be honest it wasnīt an easy win this time, as it was a year ago. After conceding an early goal, we fought back and two Theophanous goals made the half time standing 2-1.

The football played by the home side wasn't fully convincing though, but a penalty goal for STFC took away most of the Farnborough power and even though there was a late goal for the guests, the three points stayed in the fortress Wheatsheaf Park!

Letīs hope that we can start winning away games too. It will be necessary next Saturday, to stay in the FA cup.