Diary of a Staines man

#30, Published September 2nd, 2013

Welcome to a new series and hopefully no repeats to "diary of a Staines man" - apologies for the delay and long gap from the last report but this is due to work commitments (sounds good) and all the cricket I have been watching in the wonderful sunny English weather and probably just good old laziness.

I will try and aim for the first day of each month (sorry but downgraded from Last season's weekly reports due to high costs) - my agent just cannot obtain a good deal for me!

Anyway, pre- season friendlies have been and gone and already we have used 65 players in our first few league games... no not really, I just made that up. The pattern and formation seems to be clear in our managers mind and the players seemed to have adjusted to this quite well. Two out of two home wins - luckily not to be down at half time for the Dorchester game but a second half penalty won us the game.

The second home game v Boreham Wood resulted in two kicks which hit the bar and bounced off the goalkeeper and into the goal. Not once but twice so the custodian was top scorer for the Swans for the season at one stage but I understand we have asked the league or at least advertised within the club that the goals should be for the Staines player who had the last kick so a bit of in house argument there. Three out of three away defeats - At Sutton I did think we deserved to loose I am afraid and not really in the contest to much but encouraging and decent performances at our defeats at Chelmsford and Basingstoke and a bit unlucky really not to get something out of these two games.

Try and have a look at Louis T wonder goal at Basingstoke - worth watching - I expect there is a link on U-boat or U-tube or whatever it is called as a lot of games at our level have been filmed/videoed/download/reel to reel/black and white silent movie or something. So a summary is that we have gone all American and we do not draw football matches - Looks like Farnborough could be up and running for the next match - I think the confirmation is on Thursday if the league accepts their money/promise/proposal - I cannot write what they have been up to because "you could not make it up" to use a famous English phrase - their current story is on numerous Nonleague web sites and other social media outlets.

So hopefully a football match to watch for the travelling supporters from Sweden on SEPT 21!