Diary of a Staines man

#35, Published November 11th, 2013


Make it real or fantasy as the song goes from the Scorpions - I now know that song is about the pairing for two Middlesex football clubs in the greatest competition in the World... OK, apart from the County cricket championship of course. Some of the media in England, including ITV television, said that Brentford and Staines Town were rivals. Well I donít see that since one club plays in the JOHNSTONE'S PAINT TROPHY and the other compete in the Middlesex senior cup but the towns are about 10 miles apart so I suppose it can be called a local derby.

Hey wait a minute I forgot about the league home win v H and Y. We cannot forget about that. after going 1-0 up in the first half the visitors (local rivals!) equalised and finished the second half stronger with the bar being hit and the ball crashing down (lucky no Russian linesman in sight so no goal) and a clearance off the line so half time could not come quick enough. But the second half saw Staines gain the advantage with pressure and a winning goal plus a couple of good saves by their goalkeeper to restore maximum points at home for the season.

So now I can talk about the next match - one game at a time as football managers say - and it just happened to be a dream draw at Brentford as there are so many connections between the clubs. Mostly with supporters as some people support both sides and families will have split loyalties but all in a nice way and I am sure all of the 940 STFC fans who ventured eastwards enjoyed their day.

The bit between 3.00 and well just after half time really I cannot remember what happened - please check the club's website for details! - I am sure the two members of the Swedish massive will account for the action and it was nice to see them both on Saturday.

So the old football quote comes in and "we can concentrate on the league". Personally I have been concentrating on the league since kick off time on the first game of the season but I am different to most people!