Diary of a Staines man

#29, Published April 29TH, 2013

The last two games of the season really did seem like "dead rubber" games to me and strange watching the games and with conference south survival in place for next season and there was a chance of some of the younger players to have a run around. Jack Turner was replaced by Kyle Merson in the Swans goal for the last game. I had mixed feelings about that as Jack has played in every game this season and would have been a great achievement to complete a hundred percent record but of course on the other side of the coin good to see other players have a go.

The club as a whole wants to have a team with the emphasis on youth which has been seen throughout the season, but I believe of course, and it has been shown, that a bit of experience (about 21 years old!) is needed, especially at the centre of defence, along with an already proven goal scorer and that should keep us up for next season.

Our youth/academy side won their league for the third year running so the future is bright (brighter than our kit!) but with the academy being based at Kingston College which is about 10 miles or so away from Staines the young players may want to play for clubs nearer their home? - Luckily our management team seemed to have persuaded the players that Staines is the best place to be - and rightly so!

So now we have played our last first team game of the season (our reserves and youth - with cup finals as well - still have some games to go so I can still have my "footie fix" but this is my last entry of the season so best wishes to all and enjoy the long hot (and dry of course) summer.

Staines have announced already a pre season friendly in July away at lowly Cove...oh no I am off again....sorry will have to finally stop now until the middle of August or so…