Diary of a Staines man

#24, Published March 27th, 2013

The diary is back! After 3 Saturdays in a row washed away with the rain it was back to actually watching the mighty Swans yesterday - I did wonder why some countries in Europe want and indeed do have a winter break - surely they mean a spring break. The underground water sprinklers were on yesterday giving the pitch a nice soaking but luckily did not flood the ground!

I took my place to watch the game and already one nil down...oh no...then a penalty to Bromley this does not help either but good old Jack in The Staines goal saved well and we are back in the game. We played some nice football with some good passing and the team recovered well and an equalizing goal by Tyrone Marsh just before half time was well deserved - he somehow found some space to knock past their goalkeeper so all square at the interval.

A fine team goal followed which Louis Rae Beadle converted well with his celebration just sitting down with arms a loft. No real pressure from Bromley but a bit of a worry as our goalkeeper Jack had a bit of a lie down and Kyle our reserve keeper was tracksuit off ready to come on but luckily Jack (sorry Kyle!) was able to continue. A bit of good fortune resulted in our third goal as a poor clearance hit a couple of people and David "Captain fantastic" Wheeler hammered home. We held on - kept the ball - good passing and more confident as the game went on and not letting Bromley back in the game at all so all went home happy.

I sent a text to a couple of people who did not make the game saying 3-1 to Staines and the response was "did you get the score the wrong away around?" -I donít know - ye of little faith...

So now away to Dorchester on Saturday and our county cup final v Ashford on Easter Monday to look forward to before numerous rearranged midweek games to try and remember to go to! Hope to do the next diary middle of next week (Tues/Wed)...