Diary of a Staines man

#22, Published February 25th, 2013

It seemed like a record number (ie more than 1) of Swans fans travelling by train (with a couple of changes) to Hornchurch so the game must have had some importance about it. Another one of these must win games and hopefully for us back to back league wins. Fairly chilly surroundings along with a bumpy surface but enough about the local pub down the road. From the ground - oh it was the same at the football as well. We are well blessed with a fine playing surface at home so anything different is always noted. The ground has a running track around so unable to watch the game behind the goal and even along the side there are limited areas to watch the game.

We opened the scoring early on with a cross coming in which, it seemed, the whole of their back four missed the ball completely and Mad (ok he is not) Max nicely slotted the ball into the net. Not a very good game for the neutral I am afraid but we would take a 1-0 win of course with people looking at their watches hoping the referee would finish the game. A careless error resulted in trip to their player who seemed to be heading out of the penalty area and the spot kick was scored on 90 minutes so honours even.

I went to watch a band in North London after the game still with my scarf around my neck (as you do!) and there was the usual sign strictly no re-admittance but I thought I would give it a go - cheaper food/drink outside the venue of course - And the doorman said the me "which team is that on your scarf" - "Staines Town - the best team in Europe" I replied - well you can certainly come back in he said -fame at last. I had a similar story in the Turkish take away so now pubs/clubs and restaurants know who Staines Town are - the music venue is in Arsenal territory so I expect they just liked somebody different and anyway Arsenal have not a trophy for years now so they just wanted to see somebody who supports a successful football team!

Tomorrow we host Hayes and Yeading in the Middlesex county cup semi-final before the mighty Chelmsford visit us on Saturday and so far I have not seen this advertised as a must win game - perhaps the game will gently pass us by with three points of course to the home team.