Diary of a Staines man

#21, Published February 18th, 2013

HEJ - "TVA OL TACK" I think were the first words I spoke after the game - and well deserved I must say. An early morning start (all the away games seem to be - but especially this one, vs. Truro) along with an overnight stay - no we are not coming from Sweden - for our 500 miles or so round trip league game. An expensive exercise for some but enjoyable none the less. We did this trip last year so no need to ask "VAN LIGGER STADIAN" - More or less an identical trip this season apart from the bit between 3pm and just before 5pm. - Hurray!

I am glad I did not see the game advertised as "a massive game" as we seem to lose those but a "must win game" we seem to do better. Our hotel was only about 10 minute walk from the ground so a quick booking in procedure and some liquid refreshment was of course mandatory on these occasions, both in the hotel/pub bar and in the ground. 1-0 at half time and then 3-0 win was just rewards in this - I donít like saying it - but a basement battle - sent us all back to the hotel and pubs bars happy for our first double of the season.

Goals from Tyrone "Swampy" Marsh / Dave "there is only one" Wheeler and Sam "turn the" Page - along with these nick names I have made up. What a pity we signed Douglas Bergqvist (not sure why the red lines appears inmy editor- perhaps he is Swedish!) -Stockholm born - on loan - last week then the Swedish massive could have had their man of the match after all and would have been very fitting if he heard his congratulations in his native tongue.

I have just about woken up now from our Cornish exploits and am ready for another massive Ė no, must win game - against AFC Hornchurch - which is a place east of London / Essex but always sounds like a heavy metal band - and is near to us in the league table - this coming Saturday hoping for our second double of the season...

Swans fans are now back with a smiley face rather than a sad one!