Diary of a Staines man

#20, Published February 12th, 2013

Our columnist, The Staines Man, left the "pen" to me after the Eastleigh game last Saturday. I understand him. My last contribution, on Oct 15th, had the title "Itīs such a perfect day". Nothing of the kind this time.

It all started promising. A 12th minute penalty was well executed by Jack Mills. His first goal for the club, we understood. To save everyone pain, the rest of the report will be rather short.

Pain was otherwise frequent on the pitch. Our midfielders got wrynecks watching the ball flying above them. The referee had to be helped off the grass with a leg injury and was replaced by a linesman. (As the ref was the only candidate for the MOTM reward, no bottle at all was delivered after the game.)

Three goals from Eastleigh gave them a well deserved win and we can only hope that the Swans let Bromley pay for that tonight.