Diary of a Staines man

#12, Published December 18th, 2012


A largely forgettable game on Saturday. I do not think the Weston goalkeeper needed his hands today - they could have played an extra defender who may have kicked the odd ball away! And just for a change our goalkeeper was man of the match with a great penalty save. Weston deserved to win really so I am not sure if 1-1 is two points dropped or one point won! At least we did not ship in four goals at home again and so there must have been an improvement on the previous league games.

Our goalkeeper was back in his pink outfit as for some reason Weston played in a light blue Argentina kit rather than their black and white kit so hope we do not have points deducted for a breach in the conference rules on registered colours - am I sure we are safe on that one.

The previous Tuesday we won our county cup game (Middlesex county cup) 6-1 against Hanworth Villa with on a freezing frosty foggy night. Most people thought the game would not go ahead but of course it did with a morale boosting performance. Our visitors are a few levels below us so we had to win this one...

Now back to the "what if" column - Hastings who beat us in the FA Cup won their replay on penalties (live on ESPN so you might have watched the game?) so now visit the mighty Middlesbrough - The land lady at the local pub - The "Wee and P" is a fan of Middlesbrough so it would have been interesting if the Swans met the 'boro in the FA Cup third round.

This Saturday we visit Basingstoke. Optimistic for a win? I donít know...let's hope so. We have already beaten the 'stoke at home this season so no reason not to complete our first double of the season.