Diary of a Staines man

#13, Published December 25th, 2012


On the Swans forum people guess the score and crowd (or if an away game how many Swans fans will be there) for the forthcoming games. I never enter the competition but on Friday I was tempted to say Score 0-0 / Swans fans 0 / but millions of raindrops! - so no game this weekend - but thought this may sound smug so declined. Well the nearer it gets to Christmas the more bitter I am!

The game was called off by about 11.00 so luckily for me I did not travel (Basingstoke is about 30 miles away - sorry do not know how many kilometres that is!) If the game was further away I would have gone and taken a chance. In the end every game in our division was postponed and only a few games in the country were played on Saturday. So I just wandered around between 3 and 5 pm looking what other people do on Saturday afternoons. Somebody said to me "are you doing your Christmas shopping?". I am not sure what that means so just carried on walking.

It was fairly well advertised that the end of the world was going to happen on Friday / well not far off in non-league football terms! So now looking forward to the visits of Boreham Wood and Maidenhead - if it stops raining - to conclude the world… I mean year… before we visit Boreham Wood on the first day of the new year and obtaining maximum points in the Christmas/New year period (well, hope so anyway).

Best wishes for all in Sweden in this festive time. Hopefully next entry in the diary will be next Monday (31st).