Diary of a Staines man

#17, Published January 22nd, 2013


We have had a wet/white/wintery stuff in the last week but still disappointed the home game on Tuesday did not go ahead due to the wet stuff on the playing surface. Anyway our opponents Welling United are in a great sequence of winning their last 10 league games so I am glad they had a rest.

The forecast for the end of the week and into the weekend was the fairly rare white stuff for a lot of the UK and in true fashion the snow arrived in force so prospects of playing any football on the Saturday seemed very remote. Over 400 flights were cancelled at near Heathrow airport on Friday so the snow must have been bad.

Our opponents on Saturday - league leaders Salisbury City - advertised on their website looking for people to clear the pitch from more or less first light on Saturday morning and they did a great job with local / conference referees give the go ahead and once the match referee arrived he gave the verdict of "game on". The team coach did its bit as well gaining permission to travel so therefore cleared all the health and safety issues.

The bar area is similar to Staines as you can see through the window from above and look at the pitch which was turning from white to green in front of our eyes. I thought for a minute it was an advert for Glasgow Celtic or Sporting Lisbon. So the match is going ahead - the only one it seems in non-league football in the whole of the South and Midlands of the UK.

1-0 down after about 5 minutes - had to happen and of course with Mr White scoring for the whites in white surroundings then 2-0 and then 3-0 after about 30 minutes. Whose idea was it to clear the pitch? At least Dave Wheeler belted a goal on the stroke of half time to cut their lead to 3-1. Second half we were the better team but no more goals in the game and now we have played more games than anyone else. We are not in the bottom three yet - I am sure it will be just a matter of time I am afraid - so simple answer of course - we just have to win some games. The funny thing is that I feel every team can beat every team in this league.

So, on that basis no easy games but therefore no hard games, we have to just believe in ourselves which I am sure the players do.