Diary of a Staines man

#42, Published November 10th, 2016


The season so far has caused one or two problems. The biggest decision myself and some friends has to make is to go to the football club bar before the game as it advertised there is a local beer. One of the Thameside beers being served – or when we do visit there has been no beer in stock – so we have reverted back to going to the Wee and Pee pub before the game. We would like to support the club and local brewery of course but if no beer there it is back to the pub.

Oh well – these decisions we have to make – so once settled we can then focus on how many goals we are going to win by! For some reason that does not always happen. I never really look at league tables until about March when I can start adding up the possible points in my head to see which position we will finish in the league. But of course always glance to see if we are top or bottom just in case a passer by in the street asks me – so I say mid table.

It is always a disappointment being knocked out of the FA cup always hoping to play a league / pro side but this season not to be. In the league cup we were eliminated in the early rounds and in the FA trophy knocked out at home in the first round we entered. We are still in the Middlesex county cup – we have to yet play – first game next week so hoping to progress in this competition although this does not have the same glamour as the national FA competitions. The general feel with our supporters is more looking down the league than up. It seems so a few wins will hopefully boost the morale of the team and the fans.

The stand out players who we all agree on is still Jack Turner – our outstanding goalkeeper and Max Worsfeld our attacking left sided midfield/winger who is easily our best outfield player at the moment. We have struggled with the midfield with numerous injuries and trying to correct the middle of the defence to stop leaking some of the goals we concede and up front a bit disjointed I feel with not all knowing the best combination.

Our manager – Drax – is a very good manager at our level and above will surely “get it right” sooner than later – well hopefully anyway.